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Monday, December 20, 2010

Williams Shows it's might at Surfer's Paradise

Last night's race of Surfer's Paradise only had 4 drivers but it definately was a fun drive for me atleast. Qualifying times were within 1 second for the first 8 minutes out of 10 and the race was filled with unexpected twists and turns.

Qualy times:

Lynch Radinsky: 1:21.087 (Fastest of the Weekend)
John Ruth: 1:22.643 (+1.556)
Dae Bennett: 1:23.443 (+2.356)
John Denman: 1:23.510 (+2.423)

Brawn GP Came out to an early lead after Qualifying 1-2, Dae Bennett (AT&T Williams) would soon overtake J. Ruth for second and follow up by taking advantage of Lynch's braking problems. Red Bull had pit problems and was force two laps down before the end of the race.

Race Results:
Dae Bennett: 30:40.709
Lynch Radinsky: 31:09.451 (+28.742)
John Ruth: 31:10.943 (+30.234)
John Denman: 30.42.100 (+2 Laps)

                          Happy Holidays Everyone!

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