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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A few edited screenshots from the Race-On series

=USGP= Disaster gives Red Bull a 1-2 in China =USGP=

After the heartbreaking loss of Sepang racing USGP was back underway at the Shanghai circuit Sunday night.

Practice was dominated by Brawn GP's  Sam Steffy with a time around the challenging Chinese circuit at a 1:35.041, Lynch Radinsky was the second closest to that time throughout the two hour session at 1:35.356 (+.314)

Other Practice times:

Soappatrol: 1:38.073
John Ruth: 1:38.125
Jeff Johnston: 1:38.242
Dae Bennett: 1:38.998
Gen. Shifflett: 1:39.529
Kurt "Mack": 1:39.740
John Denman: (No Time)

Things heated up in qualifying when the time dropped to 1:34.914 (Pole Sam Steffy) And Red Bull Racing's pole streak ended with Brawn's excellent lap time. The second closest once more was Lynch Radinsky at 1:34.975 but also with 5 extra laps on track (9)

Dae Bennett grabbed third right before the end of qualy giving J. Ruth fourth with a 1:37.125

Jeff Johnston: 1:37.358
John Denman: 1:37.827
Soappatrol: 1:38.271
Kurt "Mack": 1:38.968
and Gen. Shifflett at a 1:41.770

The race started out hazardous, three cars spun on the start and two DNF's on the first lap not including some three wide action on turn 3 into the bend between a Williams, Red Bull and the poleman's Brawn GP
3- Wide out of turn 3 and into the bend

Soon things calmed down and some overtakes were made, after so many spins on lap one Pitstop strategy became key for  most drivers while Brawn GP practically ran away with the top step of the podium averaging 2 extra seconds per lap.

Things looked very promising for Brawn GP until the engine of Sam Steffy's number 23 blew giving Red Bull a 1-2 and Kurt Macdonald his first career podium.

Race Results:

P1 John Ruth: 27 Laps 46:28.716
P2 John Denman: 27 Laps  46:31.257 (+2.541)
P3 Kurt MacDonald: 27 Laps 47:04.331 (+35.615)
P4 Niki Johnston: 27 Laps 47:19.413 (+50.697)
P5 Soappatrol: 26 Laps (+1)
P6 General Shifflett: 26 Laps (+1)
P7 Sam Steffy: DNF (Engine) 26 Laps
P8 Jeff Johnston: DNF (Engine) 12 Laps
P9 Dae Bennett: DNF (Accident) 1 Lap
P10 Lynch Radinsky: DNF (Accident) 1 Lap

John Denman:

Congrats to JR winning at China! On the second to last lap leader Sam Steffy barfed an engine.  Results are now posted and points are up to date.  Once JR posts the video it will be linked on the results page.

Three weeks and no F1, whats a simracer to do?
This week we'll have the IMSA GT P1 cars at Long Beach running.  Its a week off from the open wheel cars.  The usual format of Sunday night race held on April 24 (Easter).

April 25th the server will be reset for the USGP F1 2011 series with Round 5; Istanbul Park, racingMay 7th.

Istanbul also caps off the Spring segment of the mini-season points series.  Anything can happen and the top 6 still have the opportunity to claim the Spring Championship.

Points -

CYA on the server!
John Denman

Hope to see some more people on for IMSA GT on Easter Sunday, has the IMSA GT downloads if you need them.

Song used: Pendulum: Propane Nightmares

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Technical Difficulties Cancel Malaysian GP (=USGP=)

With a great season so far and more members than ever the season came to a stutter in Malaysia thanks to a few server errors.. Ping latency went through the roof almost once a minute and even disqualified some cars off the grid for two separate days.

USGP will continue in China next week where the problems will probably be resolved to continue the great racing that our league offers.

Friday, April 1, 2011

GT2 Addon, R15 skins (by me) and Mazda Furai Addon for Enduracers

Two mod news in one day, I meant to post this before but I found this on F1 Classic shortly after my own 12 hours of Sebring (Just my luck)

GT2 For Enduracers, BMW M3, Corvette and even a new Aston Martin 
 A few new Audi R15 Skins by me, I will upload and give a link shortly.. Including one I've spent hours on, the R15 Plus
 The Aston Martin P1 and the Mazda Furai

Enduracers "Bonuses" can be found here:   about five posts down with precise instructions.. 

And if you're looking for even more GT cars with even better physics and ultimate realism check out IMSA GT by   IMSA GT can be found Here.


Here is the link the the Audi skins:   Works with all of your R15 mods and comes with 4 skins.

A few decent F1 2011 mods starting to be released, and how to: KERS system for rFactor

With the FIA Formula One 2011 World Championship beginning people are starting to look for some rFactor mods, as each year. Now so far there aren't any great mods like WCP, RFT and even FSone (Still waiting for 2010 from IPM)  BUT that doesn't mean you can't race your 2011 seasons on single player or even try to race them online.

F1 2011 ISR

F1 2011 ISR has a good mod, based somewhat off of F1 2010, the tires have good detail and it is very fun to drive, you can check them out here:

Another mod, one that I have already done a 100% race of Melbourne on is quite enjoyable and has good decent physics, it's not a perfect mod but it is fun! Link:

Download links may have problems, BUT I prefer ISR's mod except for the sounds which I will try and upload a backup for so people can use it with any mod.. Take a listen:

Both of these mods are good enough to hold me over and F1 Classic can be searched for a few more, F1MG is also releasing a new mod which is almost completed and can be found here:

Want more realism for 2011, KERS is an upgrade that was released on rFactorCentral
by maxalan23

It's fun to use if you don't cheat with it, rFactor doesn't limit your time using K.E.R.S. so you'll need to be careful with it and be responsible not to use it the whole lap.

to use this on any mod find the vehicles upgrade menu (NOTE: I'm pretty sure this causes online mismatches, use only on single-player mods!!!!!)  example: C:\Program Files (x86)\rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\F1_2011\F1_2011\F1_2011_Upgrades

Open the upgrade file with notepad and edit this in:


UpgradeType="KERS By maxalan23 V1.00"
{  UpgradeLevel="OFF"

  Description="Temporary Kers OFF"
  Description="Temporary Kers OFF"
    Description="Temporary Kers ON"

    HDV=EngineBoostRange=(0, 1, 2)
    hdv=BoostEffects=(15.0, 0.005, 0.052)

  Description="Temporary Kers OFF"


If you do it like the default KERS mod from RFC AI will use KERS 24/7


Be sure to contact me if you have any issues, Good luck and good racing to all.

I do not own nor have I created any of the mods in this section, KERS was made by maxalan23   F1 ISR was made by Italian Sim Racers F1 2011 mod (2) was made by Sandrox