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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

RaceRoom: The Game

Simbin has done it again, another simracing game in beta, free to all!

Raceroom is a free game from Simbin featuring only one track (Hockenheimring 3 versions: Short, National, Grand Prix) and two car classes with 11 opponent cars each a Formula One type car and the Camaro Cup.

The sounds of this game is amazing, Exterior it has the most realistic Formula sound out there (Way ahead of the rFactor mods to date) Interior aren't perfect but they're still very nice.

Graphics wise this game has little improvement from Race07 and other simbin titles but I guess we can't complain when the game is 100% free.

There is no damage in this game however which I give it a thumbs down for. Consequences is part of racing now people will have an extra reason why to try that stupid move to the inside on a corner or to brake a little later than you while running behind you like Mark Webber at Valencia. Also with that said there is alot of bumping in online races for position. A positive for cars but not for open wheelers in my opinion.

Overall the game shows alot of potiential and I suggest everyone that is a racing fan to try it. Weekly time trial competition and soon screenshot competitions ETC. I have a feeling that in time if they get more tracks, maybe even a fantasy one, this game will be good

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