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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Las Vegas Troubles.

Las Vegas, proved to be quite a tricky track this time around. Blind corners, tight chicanes and only one high speed straight.

Practice went as planned with laps almost under 1 minute for every driver. It was close and competitive throughout Qualifying as well.

The race posted more issues when the server gave out connection to all of the drivers ending what was a really great race in it's tracks.

Almost an hour after the scheduled start, when the connection was secured all the drivers came back for a final shootout. A 5 lap race to determine the points.

Lynch Radinsky set pole and got the win followed by John Denman in his return. Third place saw Dae Bennett followed by John Ruth in fourth with a crash DNF.

This is a very late post and now you know why. Not much to summarize other than the five laps. That is also why there is no race edit.

Points: USGP Winter League. Sign up Today while you still have a chance!

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