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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Audi R15 for Enduracers.

For all those that love endurance/ Le Mans racing here is a great car made by someone that isn't working with Enduracers (But the car fits with either Enduracers or Serie International Du Mans)

It's a great car so there is no worries, however, you WILL have to modify some files so if you use these mods for multiplayer either backup the .RFM or you might just want to reinstall the mod to a different rFactor.

First things first. You'll need the car itself. I want to first say that the car above is my own skin of the car which I will upload shortly anyhow. I DID NOT make this car, I'm only helping you install it!

Skin: Plus Skin by JB.rar
Audi R15:

Now that you have the car from 2009 it's time to install it. This car works primarily as a stand alone but you can use it in any series.


Drag the R15URG into Enduracers like shown here

If it's too small to read like that make sure it's in Gamedata=>Vehicles=>EnduranceSeries=>P1

NOW step two. the RFM file.

Please remember that you don't need to move the sounds file to anything but if you're like me and want a more realistic sound I'd say replace the R15's SFX to the R10s in the SP1 package.

For the RFM file

Here's an image of mine with the R15 installed 

You need to open the .RFM with notepad by right clicking it and selecting open with...

After selecting notepad you need to delete the line Vehicle Filter = EnduSeries found on the seventh line (Not including the spaces) Now the RFM should say 

// EnduRacers - Endurance Series
// EnduRacers © 2010
// v1 - SP1
// Game/Season Info: Salvation

Mod Name = Endurance Series by EnduRacers SP1
Track Filter   = *  // this filter allows any track
SafetyCar = EnduranceSeries_PC.veh

Matchmaker =
Matchmaker TCP Port = 39001
Matchmaker UDP Port = 39002
Loading Bar Color = 16750848
RaceCast Location =


Now you're done! Go out there and race!

Serie International Du Mans

Drag the R15 into the ILMS folder and then modify the .veh file with notepad to (Example)

Team="LM24 Audi Sport Team Joest"
Driver="Capello - Kristensen - McNish"
Description="#01 - Audi R15 TDI"
Engine="Audi TDI V10, 40 Valves"
Classes="LM-P1 R15"

That's the Le Mans 24 Hours car #1.

Afterwards open the ILMS .RFM and make the beginning look like this

// Carpe Nocten Design Group
// Game/Season Info:
Mod Name = Serie Internationale Du Mans v2.77
Track Filter = * // this filter allows any track
SafetyCar = ILMS_PACECAR.veh

Matchmaker =
Matchmaker TCP Port = 39001
Matchmaker UDP Port = 39002
Loading Bar Color = 16750848
RaceCast Location =

If your game crashes with ILMS and the Audi R15 like others have reported and I have also experienced, sometimes a cpu restart fixes it and if that doesnt help try racing without the Porsche Spyder and possibly the Acura P2, I don't know why but they seem to affect that for me. Good Luck and Good Racing!

That's all you need to do to race the R15 Earlier than Enduracers can release it. Now we have to find that R18 somewhere. Thanks for reading and comment if you need help or if you want to thank me just click follow for great rFactor screenshots, leagues and Mod Reviews!

I did not make any of these mods nor vehicles the skin is mine though!

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