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Monday, November 22, 2010

San Jose Doesn't Disappoint.

The kickoff to the 2010/2011 USGP Winter Pro Tour was a definate success last night.

After an hour and a half of a deserted server the group finally arrived, although there were only five drivers there was definitely alot of action. 

Mechanical failures were key in the race at San Jose, the tight tricky track was a great start to a great season ahead. Only two cars survived the tough street circuit during the 60 minute race.

Practice Times:
P1:  Lynch Radinsky: 47.299
P2:  Dae Bennett 48.846
P3:  John Ruth  49.151
P4:  Niki Johnston  51.826   
P5:  Jeff Johnston  52.932

Qualifying Times
P1:  Lynch Radinsky  47.648 
P2:  Dae Bennett  48.570
P3:  John Ruth 49.015
P4:  Jeff Johnston 50.680
P5:  Niki Johnston 51.243

Race Results
P1: John Ruth (1:00:02.043)
P2: Niki Johnston (1:00:33.896)
P3: Dae Bennett (Engine)
P4: Lynch Radinsky (DNF Accident)
P5: Jeff Johnston (Engine)

Highest Climber: Niki Johnston (3)

Best Lap 48.585 (Lynch Radinsky)

Constructors (If not dropped): 

Brawn GP: 37 
ING Renault: 28 
AT&T Williams: 15

Saturday, November 20, 2010

F1 2010 Updated Skins V3.0

Well all good things (Mediocre even) Have to end somewhere. V3.1 is the final edition to this package featuring the 2010 Formula One World Championship's Abu Dhabi liveries.

Download for 3.1 (Abu Dhabi Liveries):

Download for 2.0 (Japan GP Liveries):

Download 1.2 (Singapore GP) :

Golden Bull: Celebrate Seb's brilliant driving in Abu Dhabi and all year with this special Red Bull skin. Comes with the backup skin from V3.0 of my Skins Pack.

Download the Golden Bull at:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Final Edition of F1 2010 Reskinned almost completed. And "The Golden Bull" Revealed

Well it's been a great season for Formula One..That's all I can really say about it at this point. In celebration of the wonderful season I am releasing F1 2010 Reskinned v 3.0 (Final edition) featuring Virgin Racing updated for Qnet Sauber's logos removed from the sidepod and a few more color fixes.

For Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull's accomplishments I made this skin for fun. The Golden Bull which will soon be up on nogrip and RaceDepartment.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Up and Down Night In Abu Dhabi

           USGP At Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi

USGP Race Recap

What a season it was guys. We might've missed a couple of tracks from lack of people but it sure was a good season. Best part is that the league is growing in numbers! And what better track to end the F1 2010 tour than Abu Dhabi, The Yas Marina Circuit.

P1 Ended with Lynch@NY setting the fastest time at 1:43.8, Myself at a 1:45.3 Denman at a 1:48.2 and CJ Miller at a 2:08.3 

It wasn't long until Lynch set another fastest lap in P2 after getting in a scrap with the Williams driver. His lap was a 1:42.958 which would stay as the fastest of this weekend. The rest of the field stayed around their P1 time. J. Ruth: 1:44.199  J.Denman 1.47.521 and CJ Miller of Williams at a 2:08:674

Qualifying brought a new challenge. The track wasn't lit as well and a dark track and Parc Ferme brought lap times down for most drivers.   Lynch set pole for the fourth straight time at 1:44.845 followed by J.Ruth at 1:45.539 J. Denman at 1:53.160 N. Johnston at 1:57.313 J. Johnston at 1:58.009 and CJ Miller at 2:14.555

As we all know..The unexpected and the worst seems to happen in races. This came true tonight for 4 drivers. J.Ruth Picks up a DNF on lap 2 due to a faulty connection. Lynch had engine problems that drug him out of the race and N. Johnston also fell to a DNF. CJ Miller Crashed out on lap 3

In the end John Denman picked up the win with only 2 cars finishing up. I think it is well deserved and well fit that the server host and league creator wins the final GP of the year. USGP continues next weekend with it's Pro Winter Tour.

                     Screens from Sunday at Abu Dhabi

Sunday, November 14, 2010

One Last Push.

Abu Dhabi..Possibly one of the best F1 circuits built in recent years and by far causing the most pressure. The track is fast and you encounter two long straights each lap followed by the twists and turns of a street circuit. No doubt Abu Dhabi is challenging it's almost like an Endurance race.
                       (Screen thanks to elgh33)

Vettel came into todays race in third for the points and trying to fight Ferrari's Alonso and even his Teammate Webber. Hell even McLaren gave it all they had but Sebastian Vettel dominated the track today and the rest of the field. With a win and the help of the Renault team Vettel won the 2010 World Driver's Title here.

Sebastian Vettel, Congratulations on becoming the youngest driver to ever win the Formula One World Driver's Title.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nürburgring Nordschleife

A try to show the power of VLN from the "Spectators" point of view at Nordschleife.