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Monday, December 20, 2010

Williams Shows it's might at Surfer's Paradise

Last night's race of Surfer's Paradise only had 4 drivers but it definately was a fun drive for me atleast. Qualifying times were within 1 second for the first 8 minutes out of 10 and the race was filled with unexpected twists and turns.

Qualy times:

Lynch Radinsky: 1:21.087 (Fastest of the Weekend)
John Ruth: 1:22.643 (+1.556)
Dae Bennett: 1:23.443 (+2.356)
John Denman: 1:23.510 (+2.423)

Brawn GP Came out to an early lead after Qualifying 1-2, Dae Bennett (AT&T Williams) would soon overtake J. Ruth for second and follow up by taking advantage of Lynch's braking problems. Red Bull had pit problems and was force two laps down before the end of the race.

Race Results:
Dae Bennett: 30:40.709
Lynch Radinsky: 31:09.451 (+28.742)
John Ruth: 31:10.943 (+30.234)
John Denman: 30.42.100 (+2 Laps)

                          Happy Holidays Everyone!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Audi R15 for Enduracers.

For all those that love endurance/ Le Mans racing here is a great car made by someone that isn't working with Enduracers (But the car fits with either Enduracers or Serie International Du Mans)

It's a great car so there is no worries, however, you WILL have to modify some files so if you use these mods for multiplayer either backup the .RFM or you might just want to reinstall the mod to a different rFactor.

First things first. You'll need the car itself. I want to first say that the car above is my own skin of the car which I will upload shortly anyhow. I DID NOT make this car, I'm only helping you install it!

Skin: Plus Skin by JB.rar
Audi R15:

Now that you have the car from 2009 it's time to install it. This car works primarily as a stand alone but you can use it in any series.


Drag the R15URG into Enduracers like shown here

If it's too small to read like that make sure it's in Gamedata=>Vehicles=>EnduranceSeries=>P1

NOW step two. the RFM file.

Please remember that you don't need to move the sounds file to anything but if you're like me and want a more realistic sound I'd say replace the R15's SFX to the R10s in the SP1 package.

For the RFM file

Here's an image of mine with the R15 installed 

You need to open the .RFM with notepad by right clicking it and selecting open with...

After selecting notepad you need to delete the line Vehicle Filter = EnduSeries found on the seventh line (Not including the spaces) Now the RFM should say 

// EnduRacers - Endurance Series
// EnduRacers © 2010
// v1 - SP1
// Game/Season Info: Salvation

Mod Name = Endurance Series by EnduRacers SP1
Track Filter   = *  // this filter allows any track
SafetyCar = EnduranceSeries_PC.veh

Matchmaker =
Matchmaker TCP Port = 39001
Matchmaker UDP Port = 39002
Loading Bar Color = 16750848
RaceCast Location =


Now you're done! Go out there and race!

Serie International Du Mans

Drag the R15 into the ILMS folder and then modify the .veh file with notepad to (Example)

Team="LM24 Audi Sport Team Joest"
Driver="Capello - Kristensen - McNish"
Description="#01 - Audi R15 TDI"
Engine="Audi TDI V10, 40 Valves"
Classes="LM-P1 R15"

That's the Le Mans 24 Hours car #1.

Afterwards open the ILMS .RFM and make the beginning look like this

// Carpe Nocten Design Group
// Game/Season Info:
Mod Name = Serie Internationale Du Mans v2.77
Track Filter = * // this filter allows any track
SafetyCar = ILMS_PACECAR.veh

Matchmaker =
Matchmaker TCP Port = 39001
Matchmaker UDP Port = 39002
Loading Bar Color = 16750848
RaceCast Location =

If your game crashes with ILMS and the Audi R15 like others have reported and I have also experienced, sometimes a cpu restart fixes it and if that doesnt help try racing without the Porsche Spyder and possibly the Acura P2, I don't know why but they seem to affect that for me. Good Luck and Good Racing!

That's all you need to do to race the R15 Earlier than Enduracers can release it. Now we have to find that R18 somewhere. Thanks for reading and comment if you need help or if you want to thank me just click follow for great rFactor screenshots, leagues and Mod Reviews!

I did not make any of these mods nor vehicles the skin is mine though!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

RaceRoom: The Game

Simbin has done it again, another simracing game in beta, free to all!

Raceroom is a free game from Simbin featuring only one track (Hockenheimring 3 versions: Short, National, Grand Prix) and two car classes with 11 opponent cars each a Formula One type car and the Camaro Cup.

The sounds of this game is amazing, Exterior it has the most realistic Formula sound out there (Way ahead of the rFactor mods to date) Interior aren't perfect but they're still very nice.

Graphics wise this game has little improvement from Race07 and other simbin titles but I guess we can't complain when the game is 100% free.

There is no damage in this game however which I give it a thumbs down for. Consequences is part of racing now people will have an extra reason why to try that stupid move to the inside on a corner or to brake a little later than you while running behind you like Mark Webber at Valencia. Also with that said there is alot of bumping in online races for position. A positive for cars but not for open wheelers in my opinion.

Overall the game shows alot of potiential and I suggest everyone that is a racing fan to try it. Weekly time trial competition and soon screenshot competitions ETC. I have a feeling that in time if they get more tracks, maybe even a fantasy one, this game will be good

Monday, December 6, 2010

Bull splits the Brawns in Round Three

Elkhart Lake, or Road America, was a great track for the USGP Series especially after the previous two road courses, a nice change of scenery too!

Practice saw Lynch leading the pack as it always seems to be setting a dominating time of 1:36.087 a total of 2.8 seconds over the competition!

Lynch Radinsky: 1:36.087 45 Laps
John Denman: 1:38.939  25 Laps
Dae Bennett: 1:40.231 38 Laps
John Ruth: 1:42.255 57 Laps

While 2 seconds seemed to be the gap for practice it all changed in Qualifying. A last second lap brought John Ruth from fourth to third and Lynch hardly held onto his pole position. Edging out Denman by only .008 seconds

Lynch Radinsky: 1:38.333
John Denman: 1:38.341
John Ruth: 1:41.080
Dae Bennett: 1:41.187

With such close Qualifying times between the sets of drivers the start was critical. Right off the line Ruth passed Denman when the lights switched green but Denman retook second on the first turn. Bennett would be the next to overtake when he passed Ruth in turn 3 and 4. There the spots would stay until a glitched stop and go disqualified Dae Bennett and unfortunately ended his race.

Race Results:
Lynch Radinsky: 18 Laps 31 Minutes 36.911 Seconds (+0.000) Fastest Lap: 1:39.038
John Denman: 18 Laps 31 Minutes 49.719 Seconds (+12.808)  Fastest Lap: 1:38.805
John Ruth: DNF Fastest Lap: 1:44.425
Dae Bennet: DQ Fastest Lap: 1:41.299

Points (Unless Dropped)

[Driver: Points (Point Drops Remaining)  ]

Lynch Radinsky: 62 (4 Drops)
John Ruth: 52 (4 Drops)
Dae Bennett: 42 (4 Drops)
John Denman: 36 (3 Drops)
Niki Johnston: 18 (2 Drops)
Jeff Johnston: 10 (2 Drops)
Emmanuel Baako: 0 (1 Drop)
CJ Miller: 0 (1 Drop)
Morris: 0 (1 Drop)


Brawn GP: 114
At&t Williams: 42
Red Bull: 36
ING Renault: 38

Pictures from Elkhart Lake

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Las Vegas Troubles.

Las Vegas, proved to be quite a tricky track this time around. Blind corners, tight chicanes and only one high speed straight.

Practice went as planned with laps almost under 1 minute for every driver. It was close and competitive throughout Qualifying as well.

The race posted more issues when the server gave out connection to all of the drivers ending what was a really great race in it's tracks.

Almost an hour after the scheduled start, when the connection was secured all the drivers came back for a final shootout. A 5 lap race to determine the points.

Lynch Radinsky set pole and got the win followed by John Denman in his return. Third place saw Dae Bennett followed by John Ruth in fourth with a crash DNF.

This is a very late post and now you know why. Not much to summarize other than the five laps. That is also why there is no race edit.

Points: USGP Winter League. Sign up Today while you still have a chance!

Monday, November 22, 2010

San Jose Doesn't Disappoint.

The kickoff to the 2010/2011 USGP Winter Pro Tour was a definate success last night.

After an hour and a half of a deserted server the group finally arrived, although there were only five drivers there was definitely alot of action. 

Mechanical failures were key in the race at San Jose, the tight tricky track was a great start to a great season ahead. Only two cars survived the tough street circuit during the 60 minute race.

Practice Times:
P1:  Lynch Radinsky: 47.299
P2:  Dae Bennett 48.846
P3:  John Ruth  49.151
P4:  Niki Johnston  51.826   
P5:  Jeff Johnston  52.932

Qualifying Times
P1:  Lynch Radinsky  47.648 
P2:  Dae Bennett  48.570
P3:  John Ruth 49.015
P4:  Jeff Johnston 50.680
P5:  Niki Johnston 51.243

Race Results
P1: John Ruth (1:00:02.043)
P2: Niki Johnston (1:00:33.896)
P3: Dae Bennett (Engine)
P4: Lynch Radinsky (DNF Accident)
P5: Jeff Johnston (Engine)

Highest Climber: Niki Johnston (3)

Best Lap 48.585 (Lynch Radinsky)

Constructors (If not dropped): 

Brawn GP: 37 
ING Renault: 28 
AT&T Williams: 15

Saturday, November 20, 2010

F1 2010 Updated Skins V3.0

Well all good things (Mediocre even) Have to end somewhere. V3.1 is the final edition to this package featuring the 2010 Formula One World Championship's Abu Dhabi liveries.

Download for 3.1 (Abu Dhabi Liveries):

Download for 2.0 (Japan GP Liveries):

Download 1.2 (Singapore GP) :

Golden Bull: Celebrate Seb's brilliant driving in Abu Dhabi and all year with this special Red Bull skin. Comes with the backup skin from V3.0 of my Skins Pack.

Download the Golden Bull at:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Final Edition of F1 2010 Reskinned almost completed. And "The Golden Bull" Revealed

Well it's been a great season for Formula One..That's all I can really say about it at this point. In celebration of the wonderful season I am releasing F1 2010 Reskinned v 3.0 (Final edition) featuring Virgin Racing updated for Qnet Sauber's logos removed from the sidepod and a few more color fixes.

For Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull's accomplishments I made this skin for fun. The Golden Bull which will soon be up on nogrip and RaceDepartment.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Up and Down Night In Abu Dhabi

           USGP At Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi

USGP Race Recap

What a season it was guys. We might've missed a couple of tracks from lack of people but it sure was a good season. Best part is that the league is growing in numbers! And what better track to end the F1 2010 tour than Abu Dhabi, The Yas Marina Circuit.

P1 Ended with Lynch@NY setting the fastest time at 1:43.8, Myself at a 1:45.3 Denman at a 1:48.2 and CJ Miller at a 2:08.3 

It wasn't long until Lynch set another fastest lap in P2 after getting in a scrap with the Williams driver. His lap was a 1:42.958 which would stay as the fastest of this weekend. The rest of the field stayed around their P1 time. J. Ruth: 1:44.199  J.Denman 1.47.521 and CJ Miller of Williams at a 2:08:674

Qualifying brought a new challenge. The track wasn't lit as well and a dark track and Parc Ferme brought lap times down for most drivers.   Lynch set pole for the fourth straight time at 1:44.845 followed by J.Ruth at 1:45.539 J. Denman at 1:53.160 N. Johnston at 1:57.313 J. Johnston at 1:58.009 and CJ Miller at 2:14.555

As we all know..The unexpected and the worst seems to happen in races. This came true tonight for 4 drivers. J.Ruth Picks up a DNF on lap 2 due to a faulty connection. Lynch had engine problems that drug him out of the race and N. Johnston also fell to a DNF. CJ Miller Crashed out on lap 3

In the end John Denman picked up the win with only 2 cars finishing up. I think it is well deserved and well fit that the server host and league creator wins the final GP of the year. USGP continues next weekend with it's Pro Winter Tour.

                     Screens from Sunday at Abu Dhabi

Sunday, November 14, 2010

One Last Push.

Abu Dhabi..Possibly one of the best F1 circuits built in recent years and by far causing the most pressure. The track is fast and you encounter two long straights each lap followed by the twists and turns of a street circuit. No doubt Abu Dhabi is challenging it's almost like an Endurance race.
                       (Screen thanks to elgh33)

Vettel came into todays race in third for the points and trying to fight Ferrari's Alonso and even his Teammate Webber. Hell even McLaren gave it all they had but Sebastian Vettel dominated the track today and the rest of the field. With a win and the help of the Renault team Vettel won the 2010 World Driver's Title here.

Sebastian Vettel, Congratulations on becoming the youngest driver to ever win the Formula One World Driver's Title.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nürburgring Nordschleife

A try to show the power of VLN from the "Spectators" point of view at Nordschleife.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Changing AI opponents with RFM files.

Helping someone out from USGP and all who are curious.

First of all open your Rfactor/RFM folder then find the RFM you're looking for

 Right click the RFM and select "Open With..."
 Choose Notepad to open the file with
Change this number to however many you want. That's all you need to do!

Now Save As and rename it if you want to use the regular mod for Online and if it's a Single player ONLY mod just save it and open Rfactor!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

F1 2010 Reskinned

2.0 is finally out featuring the new logos of Sauber Racing, fixing the Red Bull, Tweaking Force India and more color fixes. There's still more updates to come though. Force India isn't 100% but that will change soon.

V2.0 Download Links:


V1.2 Link (Sorry RD)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Best of Rfactor (2005-2010) 5 Years of Greatness

USGP Hungaroring Screen

Start of a new Rfactor/Sim Racing blog.

So for another hobby I figured I'd upload my screenshots here and include some videos too. Hope I can get some people here to follow me.

If you're interested in a fun-loving league check out USGP on the info bar. Races start around 10 PM EST Every Sunday with Highlight Videos every Monday/Tuesday!