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Monday, December 6, 2010

Bull splits the Brawns in Round Three

Elkhart Lake, or Road America, was a great track for the USGP Series especially after the previous two road courses, a nice change of scenery too!

Practice saw Lynch leading the pack as it always seems to be setting a dominating time of 1:36.087 a total of 2.8 seconds over the competition!

Lynch Radinsky: 1:36.087 45 Laps
John Denman: 1:38.939  25 Laps
Dae Bennett: 1:40.231 38 Laps
John Ruth: 1:42.255 57 Laps

While 2 seconds seemed to be the gap for practice it all changed in Qualifying. A last second lap brought John Ruth from fourth to third and Lynch hardly held onto his pole position. Edging out Denman by only .008 seconds

Lynch Radinsky: 1:38.333
John Denman: 1:38.341
John Ruth: 1:41.080
Dae Bennett: 1:41.187

With such close Qualifying times between the sets of drivers the start was critical. Right off the line Ruth passed Denman when the lights switched green but Denman retook second on the first turn. Bennett would be the next to overtake when he passed Ruth in turn 3 and 4. There the spots would stay until a glitched stop and go disqualified Dae Bennett and unfortunately ended his race.

Race Results:
Lynch Radinsky: 18 Laps 31 Minutes 36.911 Seconds (+0.000) Fastest Lap: 1:39.038
John Denman: 18 Laps 31 Minutes 49.719 Seconds (+12.808)  Fastest Lap: 1:38.805
John Ruth: DNF Fastest Lap: 1:44.425
Dae Bennet: DQ Fastest Lap: 1:41.299

Points (Unless Dropped)

[Driver: Points (Point Drops Remaining)  ]

Lynch Radinsky: 62 (4 Drops)
John Ruth: 52 (4 Drops)
Dae Bennett: 42 (4 Drops)
John Denman: 36 (3 Drops)
Niki Johnston: 18 (2 Drops)
Jeff Johnston: 10 (2 Drops)
Emmanuel Baako: 0 (1 Drop)
CJ Miller: 0 (1 Drop)
Morris: 0 (1 Drop)


Brawn GP: 114
At&t Williams: 42
Red Bull: 36
ING Renault: 38

Pictures from Elkhart Lake

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