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Friday, April 1, 2011

A few decent F1 2011 mods starting to be released, and how to: KERS system for rFactor

With the FIA Formula One 2011 World Championship beginning people are starting to look for some rFactor mods, as each year. Now so far there aren't any great mods like WCP, RFT and even FSone (Still waiting for 2010 from IPM)  BUT that doesn't mean you can't race your 2011 seasons on single player or even try to race them online.

F1 2011 ISR

F1 2011 ISR has a good mod, based somewhat off of F1 2010, the tires have good detail and it is very fun to drive, you can check them out here:

Another mod, one that I have already done a 100% race of Melbourne on is quite enjoyable and has good decent physics, it's not a perfect mod but it is fun! Link:

Download links may have problems, BUT I prefer ISR's mod except for the sounds which I will try and upload a backup for so people can use it with any mod.. Take a listen:

Both of these mods are good enough to hold me over and F1 Classic can be searched for a few more, F1MG is also releasing a new mod which is almost completed and can be found here:

Want more realism for 2011, KERS is an upgrade that was released on rFactorCentral
by maxalan23

It's fun to use if you don't cheat with it, rFactor doesn't limit your time using K.E.R.S. so you'll need to be careful with it and be responsible not to use it the whole lap.

to use this on any mod find the vehicles upgrade menu (NOTE: I'm pretty sure this causes online mismatches, use only on single-player mods!!!!!)  example: C:\Program Files (x86)\rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\F1_2011\F1_2011\F1_2011_Upgrades

Open the upgrade file with notepad and edit this in:


UpgradeType="KERS By maxalan23 V1.00"
{  UpgradeLevel="OFF"

  Description="Temporary Kers OFF"
  Description="Temporary Kers OFF"
    Description="Temporary Kers ON"

    HDV=EngineBoostRange=(0, 1, 2)
    hdv=BoostEffects=(15.0, 0.005, 0.052)

  Description="Temporary Kers OFF"


If you do it like the default KERS mod from RFC AI will use KERS 24/7


Be sure to contact me if you have any issues, Good luck and good racing to all.

I do not own nor have I created any of the mods in this section, KERS was made by maxalan23   F1 ISR was made by Italian Sim Racers F1 2011 mod (2) was made by Sandrox

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