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Sunday, November 14, 2010

One Last Push.

Abu Dhabi..Possibly one of the best F1 circuits built in recent years and by far causing the most pressure. The track is fast and you encounter two long straights each lap followed by the twists and turns of a street circuit. No doubt Abu Dhabi is challenging it's almost like an Endurance race.
                       (Screen thanks to elgh33)

Vettel came into todays race in third for the points and trying to fight Ferrari's Alonso and even his Teammate Webber. Hell even McLaren gave it all they had but Sebastian Vettel dominated the track today and the rest of the field. With a win and the help of the Renault team Vettel won the 2010 World Driver's Title here.

Sebastian Vettel, Congratulations on becoming the youngest driver to ever win the Formula One World Driver's Title.

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