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Friday, January 13, 2012

rFactor 2 Release and USGP's Year-End Awards announced.

Well this has been a busy week for sure and a long time since this website has been updated.  Hopefully more to come as rFactor 2 is considered, lots of mods to make for those groups and I hope to review most of them as they come out.

USGP's message:
USGP F1 2011 Series
The 2011 USGP Racing Series was a great success with over 25 different drivers racing with us throughout the year. Split into 4 quarterly mini-championships the league enjoyed strong field of racing along with an exceptional level of good sportsmanship.
  • Spring Series Champion - John Ruth
  • Summer 1 Series Champion - Dae Bennett
  • Summer 2 Series Champion - Justin aka"Banana Tugger"
  • Fall Series Champion - William aka "Psyche"
  • Grand Champion - Justin aka"Banana Tugger"
  • Best Sportsman Award- Dae Bennett
  • Most Helpful to League Success Award - John Ruth
2012 Preview
  • rFactor League will focus on the promotion of online racing with rFactor2
  • Now recruiting new league administrators
  • rFactor League will be hosting new cars and track file downloads - fast, safe, secure!

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