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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

=USGP= Surprises in Monaco

Monaco, the jewel of the Formula One season. The winner is sure to be remembered. With all the racing this weekend the Grand Prix on the streets of Monaco stood out and the USGP took their turn at it hours after the actual Grand Prix.

The cars going up the hill at Monaco, an icon for Formula racing

A messy start led to a crash on lap one by McLaren driver Kurt "Mack" Macdonald and soon would lead to a DNF on this tricky course, he wouldn't be the only DNF as both Red Bull cars couldn't make it to the finish either after a bad crash on lap two by John Ruth and also a drive thru for John Denman for speeding in Pitlane.

Pitlane pulled out more trickery as Sam Steffy crossed the yellow line early out of the pits in front of the second place Toyota car of Bananatugger. After braking too late on the first turn the Toyota had to pit for a new front wing and would finish the race in second.

Sam Steffy went on to win the race on the streets of Monaco and also to snag the points lead for the series at 111 Congratulations to Sam for a win at a very legendary and challenging race course, it got the best of all of us so we hope for another shot in Montreal in two weeks, the day after the exciting 24 Hours of Le Mans

Driver Quotes:

"I had a pretty good run at Monaco. I was far from the fastest car there, but just focused on running consistent laps and staying out of trouble. The field was 11 cars, and I started out in 11th. I ran a conventional race strategy, pitting at the halfway mark. The pit stop was clean and my laps were clean, if not as fast as the leader. The car I was running against at the end of the race spun just before the final hairpin before the start finish straight. That allowed me to take the 6th place position at the end of the race and hold on to it."
Comment from Jaylee Williams 17 from his blog site (Which you should follow) at

"I just got done with perhaps the worst race I have run since joining USGP yet somehow had a blast, I lost it on lap two by downshifting too quickly and was lucky enough to keep the engine for 30 more minutes, luckily I passed up a few other DNF's to miss last place but still couldn't finish the race."
Comment from J. Ruth Red Bull Racing 15

Race Edit's song:  Keane-Again And Again

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