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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

=USGP= Starts 2011 in Bahrain.

And in a fantastic way as well.. USGP Welcomed veteran racers and new members alike for the season opener with a decent turn out and a very enjoyable race.

"Weekend" Recap:

Williams F1 split the Bull's for the practice session and some drivers were too late to practice the Sakhir Circuit.

Practice times:

P1 John Ruth   Red Bull Racing  1:52.678
P2 Dae Bennett  Williams F1  1:54.808
P3 John Denman   Red Bull Racing  1:55.456
P4 Kurt "Mack" MacDonald   Vodafone McLaren 1:56.619

Qualifying saw Lynch Radinsky and also Roger Hays pop up on the timesheet (Although Hays couldn't make the race)

After problems with qualifying and about three extra sessions the grid lined up as:

P1 John Ruth     Red Bull Racing    1:52.807
P2 Dae Bennett Williams F1          1:54.138 (+1.291)
P3 Lynch Radinsky McLaren         1:54.248(+1.400)
P4 John Denman Red Bull Racing  1:55.296(+2.499)
P5 Kurt MacDonald McLaren       1:55.995(+3.188)
P6 Roger Hays      Brawn GP        1:56.307(+3.500)

The race was exciting through some parts, an epic battle for second position towards the end of the race by Lynch Radinsky and John Ruth added a good highlight reel but in the end it was two spins which would cost Red Bull the top step of the podium.  Williams F1 took the win with Dae Bennett and McLaren Mercedes would take second with Lynch Radinsky

Race Results:

Dae Bennett   Williams F1  21 laps   41:09.877        ---
Lynch Radinsky  McLaren  21 laps  41:14.498       +04.612
John Ruth           Red Bull   21 laps  41:23.633       +13.756
John Denman     Red Bull   21 laps  42:25.487       +1:15.610
Kurt MacDonald McLaren 20 laps  41:37.087       +1 Lap

Congratulations to Dae Bennett for the win and congratulations to Kurt "Mack" for finishing his first =USGP= race. I can't wait for Melbourne so we can race again.

Song used: Omen by The Prodigy  

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